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    MCO selection

    All Iowa Medicaid providers should be aware that the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) began mailing out the IA Health Link managed care member enrollment packets to all Iowa Medicaid members. The mailing to all member populations is expected to be completed by the end of November, beginning with Long Term Care and Home and Community Based Services members, followed by Traditional Medicaid, hawk-Iand then current managed care members. 

    Member Enrollment Packet Sample Available: A sample of the IA Health Link managed care member enrollment packet is now available on the DHS website. The enrollment packets include a number of resources that explain the member’s new options for coverage, how members enroll in or change plans, and other information on learning more about their new coverage. View a sample enrollment packet1. Learn more about the member enrollment process by accessing the enrollment fact sheet2

    Member Choice Timeline: Members have until December 17, 2015, to make a choice for January 1, 2016. If no choice is made, the member will be enrolled with the MCO included on the letter in the enrollment packet. Members can change their MCO for any reason through March 18, 2016. After March 18, 2016, members can change their MCO for reasons of good cause. Additionally, there will be a time once per year when members can change their MCO for any reason. 

    Members may make a selection of their MCO by: 

    1. Calling Iowa Medicaid Member Services at 1-800-338-8366 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday-Frida). 

    2. Completing the enrollment form included in the packet and placing it in the postage-paid return envelope

    3. Completing the enrollment form and faxing it to Iowa Medicaid Member Services. 

    4. Completing the enrollment form and emailing it to Iowa Medicaid Member Services. 

    5. Attending an in-person member education session and completing the form. 

    Member Meeting Schedule Reminder: Iowa Medicaid is hosting meetings for Medicaid members to learn more about the IA Health Link program. These meetings will provide the public with an opportunity to receive information about the transition, ask questions directly to DHS staff, and receive in-person enrollment assistance. New meetings are being added weekly; please check the updated schedule to help members in your area find a meeting. Members may also access details on the meeting locations by calling Iowa Medicaid Member Services at 1-800-338-8366 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday- Friday) or by consulting the Member Education and Enrollment Event flyer3

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